Our server room ACTUALLY Caught Fire Explained

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It's FINALLY time to get our new UPS up and running!! Let's explore what we learned from our first experience...
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Vitenskap og teknologi
Runtime: 13:57


Maxemore - 18 timer siden
Linus sponsors then: Synergy allows you to move your mouse between screens!
Linus sponsors now: *rugs*
Alice Eliot
Alice Eliot - Dag siden
It's all built out of wood. A server room full of wood.
How is this even allowed? What the actual fuck?
Jonathan - Dag siden
Where is the telecommunications grounding bus bar for the rack and anything it touches? That’s code in commercial rack installs. You should have two circuits going into the room for 2 upses or that one might support dual circuits? Then have 2 PDUs in the rack for each circuit feeding each server power supply. So each server is powered by 2 circuits connected to two UPSes or two busses on the UPS. So if one circuit goes down.
Dugi Devet
Dugi Devet - Dag siden
The mayor question is Linus do you actually need that?
Joe Bond
Joe Bond - Dag siden
please build a new actual server room!!!!
Not Telling
Not Telling - 3 dager siden
"We need clearance behind the servers," immediately followed by "I'm gonna put some storage containers right here."
Syskey gaming
Syskey gaming - 3 dager siden
Linus balls drop
Drcrixis - 3 dager siden
is it me or is Linus sounding more manly in this video?
Doc8Ball's GearHead Gaming
Doc8Ball's GearHead Gaming - 3 dager siden
"Do you wanna give us a short?" I was so waiting for Brian to just point at the short in the board lmao.
Groovy Pvm
Groovy Pvm - 3 dager siden
Maybe consider a raised floor with air conditioning flowing under like I see in the data centers I work in. Easy for cable management easy to hide power. And keeps things cool.
Ryzen 9 3950x
Ryzen 9 3950x - 3 dager siden
that april fools video backfired, eh?
Fris Ko
Fris Ko - 4 dager siden
Love how their new models bus bars are all staggered connections that dont line up to prevent arcing... totally wasnt their fault about the fire btw. ( 8:00 )
Evile Gaming
Evile Gaming - 4 dager siden
Spends 40k on gaming pc build, jams the entire companies data under the stairs....SMH
videomasters2468 - 4 dager siden
so who did the original install? Was it Brian? I re-watched the video installing the old one and it was just linus and another guy putting the batteries in.
ZEMO - 4 dager siden
I might look like a fool , but i must ask, why do u guys need a dedicated server room this big, even if including all the data for the 3D printers along with raw files, it cant be this much
Mamamew TheRani
Mamamew TheRani - 5 dager siden
*Complains about spending like $90 on custom cheap PCs*
Also Linus:
*Doesn’t seem bothered about buying a $30000 server replacing a $10000+ server.*
Jon Beckham
Jon Beckham - 4 dager siden
Do you even math bro? They covered the cost of the unit. He paid for batteries, warranty, and whatever else. So he probably paid like 15k-17k. Not bad considering the original one was out of warranty.
H D - 5 dager siden
Try Vertiv UPS they’re better. Also they’ve good PAC units typically for small sized server rooms also with RH control & also for other types of sensible heat generating environment.
Mr Pupp3T
Mr Pupp3T - 6 dager siden
I buy a 300 dollar UPS and he buys a 20k plus one....nice
real cartoon girl
real cartoon girl - 6 dager siden
3:49 get it "short" explanation ha
Just Sizwe
Just Sizwe - 7 dager siden
Brian the electrician⚡️
Alex Kramer
Alex Kramer - 7 dager siden
Brian look a lot like that tech hoarder guy
Parth Soni
Parth Soni - 7 dager siden
It was lit
Hunter Romano
Hunter Romano - 8 dager siden
"Do I have 2x4's? Yes I have 2x4's"
*produces a 4x4*
Poisonous Drink
Poisonous Drink - 8 dager siden
Yo when did you guys get into paladins servers
Anthony Silva
Anthony Silva - 9 dager siden
Doesn't he lock the server room? Kind of defeats the purpose of the lock if you can just open a triangle in the wall to get in.
Mitch McCann
Mitch McCann - 9 dager siden
Maybe you should chill on your equipment.
penguins forall
penguins forall - 9 dager siden
Sorry I'm so late to the party. Eaton really has some explaining to do and Linus should really get his money back for this bullshit. See if you can find anything in the manual that mentions this: https://www.eaton.com/content/dam/eaton/products/backup-power-ups-surge-it-power-distribution/backup-power-ups/eaton-9170-resources/Eaton_9170Plus_Users_Guide.pdf I certainly can't. Further my guess would be those rails don't need a locking nut since they're soldered on. Then go and immediately try to shift blame on anyone but themselves. No a "service" wouldn't have caught cables in an non-service area. The only reason they should be in there is to replace a broken module.
Bfredd33 - 11 dager siden
Brian and anthony are my favorite LCU characters
Brian Halstrom
Brian Halstrom - 11 dager siden
Priced in Canadian Sheckels!
Alec McClure
Alec McClure - 12 dager siden
I now am wondering why he even locks his server room considering there are now 2 easily accessible doors to it.
Blue Unicorn Gaming
Blue Unicorn Gaming - 12 dager siden
Heh. 30k. Thats nothing for infrastructure.
Abraham Dionne
Abraham Dionne - 13 dager siden
So what I learned today is that I should be water cooling my ups.
Robasaur - 14 dager siden
Brian the Man, he does everything from computing, refridgerants, electrician, etc etc
SRG Royal
SRG Royal - 16 dager siden
bus bars will arch if the nuts are not tightened down to the torque it needs to be..
TheMC1X - 17 dager siden
Venom Smith
Venom Smith - 18 dager siden
Brian the electrician is hench af.
GegusKhan - 18 dager siden
I’m pretty sure Brian is everyone’s new favorite person a Ltt
inuwazz Zac
inuwazz Zac - 18 dager siden
bro Brian is probably Elon Musk undercover in the Tech industries
pete00078 - 18 dager siden
Nothing should "maybe catch on fire" if not serviced lol, where's the loctite????
hooman ghorbani
hooman ghorbani - 19 dager siden
it's a boy